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  1. Staff who punished you: Asqry 2020-06-24
    Punishment Timeframe: 5 days
    Ban ID (If applicable): 54
    Reason for punishment: "Macros/Scripting"
    Why should your punishment be revoked?: First of all, staff had confirmed with me that it is allowed before I did it, which means that there is no reason to even discuss a ban. The "script" that was being run, was a part of Console client and used solely for fun, as it only sent welcome and goodbye messages and gave me no advantage in running it. I am losing hours of placing due to this false ban. If there was a misunderstanding, the staff should understand and be sure to inform users. Now, if users were specifically causing the bot to cause spam while I was offline, I couldn't do anything about that as I was offline. Multiple staff members had logged online prior to this and didn't see an issue as they didn't express their opposition to it. This includes Admin+ staff.
    I hope you understand my concern with this ban and I wait for your response.

    Thank you.

    (I would also like to understand from e9h, which higher up staff they confirmed with if possible.)
  2. If you would like to appeal your most recent ban please create another appeal.
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