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    Skyblock Rules

    (Last updated 6/3/2020)

    These rules serve in addition to the global rules.

    Island Rules

    Alt Islands

    Using multiple islands in an attempt to boost your or any other island is not permitted.
    You are not allowed to have more than one island in an attempt to claim multiple payouts.

    Boosting / Bypassing Island cap

    Boosting of any kind is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to; Giving value blocks, money, spawners, or any items that can give a competitive advantage for free. Trades are allowed only if both parties receive something of EQUAL VALUE. This means trading a block of stone or any other item for millions/billions or for spawners is not permitted. Any boosting will result in a DQ.
    Bypassing the island cap via /is alts or /is coop is also not permitted, and will result in a DQ as well.
    If you are unsure if a trade/deal would be considered boosting or not, contact a staff member.

    MCMMO BOOSTING/ KILL BOOSTING is not allowed and will result in consequences!

    Island betraying / Island griefing

    If you are an owner of an island with team members / team member of an island or have been set as a co-op player on an island you are prohibited from stealing anything that results in your own personal gain. This includes but is not limited to items, island bank money and blocks.
    Damaging an island as an owner with team members or as a team member / co-op player is strictly prohibited.
    In the event a player chooses to leave an island that player may request items they placed to be returned. If they are not returned when asked by the player, you will be punished.

    Island Lagging
    if a source of server lag coming from your island or your team island you will be notified and giving 6 hours to fix the lag source other wise the chunk will be removed an no refund will be issued.

    General Rules

    Hacked Clients
    Hacked clients are not permitted. please checkout our client modification rules.


    Mods that give you an advantage over other players are not permitted.


    Abusing bugs to gain an eco advantage or island advantage is not permitted.


    Using macros to AFK farm or auto sell is strictly prohibited.
    Botting, Scripting or Automated Work
    Any form of botting, scripting, automating or using macros is strictly prohibited on Skyblock such as Spam Public Chat, Messages, Creating Islands and Disbanding them, Mining, Farming, Selling or Scripting. Auto Fishing is also not permitted.


    Logging out of PvP while Combat Tagged to prevent the loss of items / head is prohibited.
    Using commands such as /tp, /warp, /ah, /pv 1, etc.. or other ways to discard items while in combat to prevent loss is strictly prohibited.


    You are allowed to merge islands, but you cannot merge the IS-TOP value between them. If you merge with is-top value it will be removed permanently. All is-top value is to be destroyed if you merge. Merge’s should be authorized by an Admin or higher. If an island has gotten a surplus amount of spawners from crates, they are allowed to take them with them, please ask a manager to validate this move.

    Auction House listings

    Posting items in the auction house listings to advertise shops or warps is prohibited and will lead to a temp-ban.


    Scamming is allowed as long as it does not involve anything outside of what the network controls, buycraft listings or voucher codes. However, the scamming of staff is STRICTLY prohibited.

    For more information about the rules punishments and durations please read the punishment thread.
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